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Gabby's Boston Terriers....Home of multiple Fawn and Brindle Champion and Grand Champion Boston Terriers including the first Fawn Boston Terrier Grand Champion Vogler's Red Ryder!

UKC GRCH Vogler's Brindi Brindle Britches

BIMBS AKC GRCH/UKC GRCH/Int GrCH Calvert's Travis Will Bewitchu

For more pics of Travis go HERE!!

WE HAVE ADULTS AVAILABLE FOR PLACEMENT!  Please see the Adults Available Page for more information.


 BIMBS/RBIMBS ICKC INT GrCH/Junior Grand Champion Vogler's Gold and Platinum Kaci


INT CH/INT JR Master Supreme GRCH Vogler's Winning With Winston







***Ryder at his first (and our first) UCA sanctioned Colored Boston Terrier show in Hutto, TX Nov. 15, 2008.  He won his class.  This was the show that started our love affair with conformation showing.*** 

Hi and welcome to my site.  We love fawn Bostons!  It's a passion we've had since 1992, when my mom and her friend bred their two brindle dogs together (AKC Abbigail Sweet Pea and AKC Dusty's Tiger Lily).  Fawns resulted!  Fawn boston terriers have a black nose and 'eyeliner' so to speak (they look like a mini Boxer).  They are not to be confused with chocolate, liver, or red bostons as these have a nose that matches the body color. There are only a few places I have found that have fawns NOT related to ours.  These places with fawns not related to ours came upon thier fawns in the same way, it showed up when two brindles where bred together.  So contrary to what some people may say, fawns boston terriers are NOT a mixed breed dog, or inferior to their black and white counterparts in any way.       

I live near Lubbock, TX but was born in San Antonio, TX, which is where my mom lives.  Our Bostons are ALL first and foremost AKC registered, and most are UKC and International IABCA registered.  Our goal is to provide you with a happy, healthy boston in brindle or fawn that will be a perfect match for you.  We ARE NOT a puppy mill or a kennel, our animals have spacious yards with plenty of running room, and between my mom and myself have only 3-4 litters per year.  Our babies come inside at night and get personal attention every day.  We DNA test for Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts.  We also test all our breeding dogs for BAER hearing, CERF eye exam, Patellar Luxation, Cardiac assessment.  You can see all results for these by searching for my dogs on

I am NOT a dog broker, and when I am selling puppies they are just my own or my mom's.  Also,  I WILL NOT sell to dog brokers.  Neither my income or my mom's is dependent on the sale of our babies.  My mom has been a sucessful dog groomer at a veterinarian's office for almost 30 years.  I am an internal auditor at a bank and my husband farms organic cotton.   

You can contact me at 210-364-6396 or 806-497-6400 and email at   Please fill out my NEW puppy/adult application page HERE!!!  This will help me to get to know more about you and your family and which of our babies would be a good fit for you!

I use Nuvet Plus Supplement on all my dogs/puppies.  This supplement has done wonders for my dog's immune systems and gives them a nice and shiny coat.  Other people with our babies report less shedding, reduced illness, nice coats, etc. 

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NEW!!!  Come to the ALL NEW COLORED BOSTON TERRIER MESSAGE BOARD where we talk all about our boston terrier family members, whether Traditionally or Non-Traditionally Colored.  You are guaranteed to have fun and learn alot!  Go to the message board here:

 Below Monty winning BOB/BOW at the Bluebonnet All Breed Dog Club UKC show Dec. 2010 and son Ryder winning Champion of Champions at the UCA Texas Pride Dog Show held August 14, 2010.DSC03190-1.jpg picture by gabbyvogler




Fawns! (Monty and Sandy Parents) 










UCA Grand Champion Vogler's Red Ryder





Photobucket        Photobucket

We show our brindles with AKC, IABCA, UKC, International Canine Kennel Club, and C3.  Our fawns we show with the International Canine Kennel Club and C3.

All dogs health clearances are recorded with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, and copies can be sent to you upon request.

We are an AKC Inspected and Approved dog breeder as of May 4, 2012 for being in compliance with all AKC breeder requirements for record and dog keeping.   



 Riley (Sandy/Monty parents) 

Ryder (Sandy/Monty Parents)









Honey Eating


Monty and Sandy









Candy-Monty/Honey female 6 weeks

Candy at 4 months


Below you will find sites that I frequent for TONS of info on Boston Terriers, traditional and non-traditionally colored.  Also some friends sites that have fabulous bostons.




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